Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Bladder assessment is an essential element in determining the need for pelvic floor rehabilitation (PFR). PFR is a proven treatment program to address Incontinence issues. Utilizing a medically approved bladder assessment program to uncover Incontinence issues will then determine if PFR is warranted.

The issue of bladder control is pervasive with over 30 million people suffering from this ailment. At CCLV we have developed a multi-therapy approach that has offered hundreds of people significant relief in managing this problem.

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Great Benefits for Your Patients

As I’m sure you are aware, the benefits to improved bladder control are numerous. Restoring a sense of dignity, prolonged sleep, less trips to the restroom, minimal use of incontinence products, reducing the chance of slips and falls, freeing up your staff to focus on other tasks, are just a few of the reasons to take advantage of our program. It also provides for an excellent marketing and sales tool your facility can offer to new residents and their families.

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