Car Accidents & Workers' Compensation Q & A

What should I do if I have been in a car accident?
If you’ve been in an automobile accident and suffered injuries, you should see a health care professional immediately. You may have injuries that don’t exhibit symptoms right away. Symptoms like pain, discomfort, dizziness, or numbness of any kind can indicate a more serious problem, and a medical professional can assess your symptoms and make sure you get the care you need.

The providers at Sahara West Urgent Care are experienced in Emergency and Trauma evaluation and can perform the initial examination and XRAY testing that is needed. We can also arrange for referrals to specialists and ongoing aftercare.

What is concierge care?
Car accidents aren’t just scary, they can also make your life more complicated. You may require care from different kinds of health care specialists, need help filing your insurance claim, or need to find a lawyer to best represent your case. The concierge care at Sahara West Urgent Care & Wellness helps you deal with the big picture after your car accident.

In addition to providing top-notch medical care, the concierge care team at Sahara West Urgent Care & Wellness can also help connect you with other medical professionals (like chiropractors) to help treat your injury or an attorney if need be.

What if I can’t pay for care?
Even if you think you can’t afford the medical attention required after a car accident, you should still visit the team of board-certified providers at Sahara West Urgent Care & Wellness. The team values your well-being and understands that not everyone has the money to pay for medical care right away.

Sahara West Urgent Care & Wellness offers medical liens to help with payment. A medical lien is when the doctor does not charge you for out-of-pocket expenses. Instead, the team will wait until your personal injury case settles with the lawyer and will seek payment at that point.

Car Accidents Specialist
If you’ve been in a car accident, you should visit the team of board-certified providers at Sahara West Urgent Care & Wellness right away. Patients in Las Vegas, Nevada, not only get top-notch medical care for their injuries, but can also get help contacting a lawyer or chiropractor through the concierge care services.

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