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Covid-19 Testing is now available at Sahara West Urgent Care by appointment only. We are working with local labs who are fully licensed and authorized to test in the state of Nevada. We are offering both a RAPID TEST with same day results as well as a NASAL SWAB test.

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Services Offered and Conditions Treated

Urgent Care

Urgent care is for illnesses and injuries that are not an emergency but require attention within 24 hours.

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harmone restoring
Primary Care & Pre-op Clearance

Primary Care is a term for the routine health care that all members of your family need. It includes your yearly checkup ..

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medical care
STD clinic

The team at Sahara West Urgent Care & Wellness is accustomed to performing physical exams for all of these circumstances.

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Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Bladder assessment is an essential element in determining the need for pelvic floor rehabilitation ..

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car accident and worker compensation
Car Accidents & Workers' Compensation

If you’ve been in an automobile accident and suffered injuries, you should see a health care professional immediately.

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Hormone Restoring Therapy

Patients report that one of the most effective methods of regaining hormonal balance they have ..

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Telemedicine Services

Call us today to schedule A Telephone Appointment To See The Doctor Without Wait in the Clinic. Call: 702-248-0554

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X-Ray & Ultrasound

An X-ray is a common diagnostic test, and one of the best ways for a doctor to see inside of your body without surgery.

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sport urgent care
Sport & Work Physical

We provide school, sports, PCA, and work physicals. Before enrolling your child in school, a physical exam might be required.

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Our team knows that illness doesn’t always happen when the time is right for you, or when it’s in your budget. That’s why we offer affordable care.


Whether you need care immediately or are looking to build a lifelong relationship with a health care provider, contact Sahara West Urgent Care & Wellness.


The team of board-certified doctors and nurse practitioners is dedicated to creating a health care environment that is both accessible and professional.

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